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I'm Josh, your host and I'd like to welcome you into my world,  this blog is about my life, loves and experiences from my 'little' house on the Sussex seafront!

The story starts when I was working in a little bookshop three days a week in the lovely city of Exeter, Devon. I lived a rather meagre existence, residing in a little studio flat above the bookshop and did little more than work, eat, sleep and borrow the merchandise. Then, completely out of the blue I received a rather unexpected letter from a solicitor in Milton Keynes, this letter informed me that a distant relation, an Uncle John, had died and left 'his little summer house' and decorated milk bottle collection, to me in his will. This news conjured up numerous questions in my mind, not least of which was who was Uncle John? How How little was the summer house and what on earth were decorated milk bottles?  There was only one way of finding out, so o a whim and little else, I packed up my bags and headed off to the scenic Sussex coast, by way of Milton Keynes and started my new life.  This then is the tale, or indeed diary of that new life on the seafront.......

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  1. Ok I'm lost, is this Jason Shaw Seafront Diary I used to talk with years ago??? Please let me know it came up on my E-mail again, I have not seen anything for some time. Thank You, Rich R. rich4kc@hotmail.com


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